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Which Metal Furniture would you choose for your Patio?

Buying new patio furniture can be fun and overwhelming at the same time. There are several factors to consider. Read on to know more about metal patio furniture. Which Patio Set is best for my outdoor space? All patios, decks, backyards are unique. While buying new patio furniture, what matters is how it will blend into your outdoor living space and how you’ll be using the space. At what times will you be using the outdoor space the most? Will you [...]

As Modern as it Gets – Wicker Furniture

If you thought wicker was for grandma’s house, check again! Did you know wicker traveled from Asia to Europe, and then to America? Wicker is one of the most long-lasting materials used to make furniture. While it has spanned generations, it continues to be a favorite today, especially for outdoor or patio furniture. Wicker furniture can be adapted to changing styles and trends and this is why, it continues to hold its own as one of the most popular types of furniture. From [...]