Monthly Archives - January 2020

Making the Most of Small Outdoor Spaces

Our busy, technology-driven lifestyle demands that we spend some part of our day outdoors. With small-space living becoming increasingly prevalent, creating an outdoor living space can be challenging. Fortunately, small outdoor spaces don’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort or style. Whether you want a personal sanctuary to relax, a miniature garden, or a welcoming place to entertain, here are some excellent ideas to turn your small patio or balcony into a beautiful haven. Seating It is likely that you want to [...]

Which outdoor fire pit is right for my backyard?

On a cool evening, nothing is cozier in an outdoor living space than sitting around a fire pit. Fire pits instantly become an ideal gathering space for friends and family and are an excellent addition to any backyard. Whether you love to make s’mores over the fire, snuggle up in a warm blanket, or simply pull up a chair to enjoy the night sky – a fire pit offers endless opportunities to make the most of your outdoor living [...]