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Great Lighting for Great Outdoor Living

Lighting is a critical aspect of outdoor living. Outdoor lighting is more than adding wall sconces or floodlights to your patio or yard. To make the most of your outdoor living space, you need a lighting plan. Here are a few ideas you can use. Setting the Right Mood Soft lighting with subtle shadows is a good idea. You can also use festive lighting which is not overpowering. Don’t use very high wattage unless you can dim the lights. However, you [...]

6 Step Guide to give your Rusty Patio Furniture a New Life

It is not uncommon for your outdoor furniture to get rusty but it can be fixed quite easily. Here are some easy steps to make sure your patio furniture can stay with you another season. Step 1 Remove the bigger pieces of rust from your patio furniture by using a wire brush. Sanding off rust is a good idea too. Alternatively, you can use a commercial rust remover. Once you’ve removed the rust, sand until the surface feels smooth. Step 2 Ensure that [...]