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Great Lighting for Great Outdoor Living

Lighting is a critical aspect of outdoor living. Outdoor lighting is more than adding wall sconces or floodlights to your patio or yard. To make the most of your outdoor living space, you need a lighting plan. Here are a few ideas you can use. Setting the Right Mood Soft lighting with subtle shadows is a good idea. You can also use festive lighting which is not overpowering. Don’t use very high wattage unless you can dim the lights. However, you [...]

6 Step Guide to give your Rusty Patio Furniture a New Life

It is not uncommon for your outdoor furniture to get rusty but it can be fixed quite easily. Here are some easy steps to make sure your patio furniture can stay with you another season. Step 1 Remove the bigger pieces of rust from your patio furniture by using a wire brush. Sanding off rust is a good idea too. Alternatively, you can use a commercial rust remover. Once you’ve removed the rust, sand until the surface feels smooth. Step 2 Ensure that [...]

5 Benefits of Woven Outdoor Patio Furniture

Adding some furniture to your patio is one of the best ways to upgrade your outdoor living space. If you are confused between design and durability, woven patio furniture can offer the perfect solution. Woven patio furniture can be made from a variety of materials, such as wicker or even all-weather resin that doesn’t fade in the sun or rot in the rain. Durability Woven patio furniture is most known for its durability. When the weather turns, you can rest assured that [...]

6 Reasons Sectionals can make the Perfect Patio

If you want to make full use of the outdoor living space in your house and provide comfortable seating for family and guests, check out what you can add to improve your time in your yard or patio. Entertainment Furniture that allows you to have conversations comfortably is the perfect type of furniture for outdoor living spaces. Sectionals can place people diagonally to one another that is a great layout for conversations. In addition, sectionals provide extra comfort, which allows you [...]

Making the Most of Small Outdoor Spaces

Our busy, technology-driven lifestyle demands that we spend some part of our day outdoors. With small-space living becoming increasingly prevalent, creating an outdoor living space can be challenging. Fortunately, small outdoor spaces don’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort or style. Whether you want a personal sanctuary to relax, a miniature garden, or a welcoming place to entertain, here are some excellent ideas to turn your small patio or balcony into a beautiful haven. Seating It is likely that you want to [...]

Which outdoor fire pit is right for my backyard?

On a cool evening, nothing is cozier in an outdoor living space than sitting around a fire pit. Fire pits instantly become an ideal gathering space for friends and family and are an excellent addition to any backyard. Whether you love to make s’mores over the fire, snuggle up in a warm blanket, or simply pull up a chair to enjoy the night sky – a fire pit offers endless opportunities to make the most of your outdoor living [...]

3 Excellent Tips to make the most of your patio during the holidays

The holidays are here! So, is the snow and the cold. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy your patio. As the weather becomes colder, it’s time to change your summer décor to something more suited for the season. Here are some great ways to decorate your patio this winter! Blankets and Cushions When the weather is chilly and it gets too cold to spend time on your patio, add patio accessories like cozy throw pillows and warm blankets to keep [...]

This Holiday Season – Gas or Charcoal Grill?

The holidays are almost here! And isn’t it the perfect time to bring out your outdoor grill and enjoy great food with friends and family! Cooking traditional dishes like honey glazed ham and prime rib is key to a successful holiday meal. Your outdoor grill can make all the difference to your success. The two most popular outdoor grill options are gas and charcoal grills. Which one will you choose to cook your holiday feast? Gas Grills Gas grills are the top-selling grills, [...]

4 Patio Essentials

Spending time outdoors can be an extremely enjoyable experience. To ensure a memorable outdoor experience, here are some things that can make your patio the perfect outdoor living space. Seating It is important to create seating where people can relax and feel comfortable. Look for furniture that is not only comfortable but can also withstand the weather. In addition to dining arrangements, you could also consider benches and bistro sets for your patio space. If you don’t have many guests, check out [...]

Winter on your Patio

Enjoy Winter on your Patio with these 3 Must-Haves

Winter has arrived and you need these patio must-haves to create the perfect space for enjoying outdoors, relaxing with friends or family, or hosting barbeques. No matter what type of outdoor living space you have – a patio, a deck, a yard – these thoughtful touches can transform your space into a warm haven of comfort, naturally drawing people to it. Patio Heaters Everybody loves to be warm in the colder weather and the best way to provide warmth to your outdoor [...]