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Our busy, technology-driven lifestyle demands that we spend some part of our day outdoors. With small-space living becoming increasingly prevalent, creating an outdoor living space can be challenging.

Fortunately, small outdoor spaces don’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort or style. Whether you want a personal sanctuary to relax, a miniature garden, or a welcoming place to entertain, here are some excellent ideas to turn your small patio or balcony into a beautiful haven.


It is likely that you want to create a comfortable place for you and your guests to sit and relax. In smaller spaces, scale your seating down both visually and physically.

Go for lighter chair frames with a smaller footprint, slim arms, and bistro setting instead of classic deep seating.

Use a corner sectional to make the most of corners and maximize the amount of seating.

Complement the seating with smaller end tables rather than a full-sized coffee table.

Multifunctional Furniture

Use furniture pieces that can multitask. For instance, a wooden bench provides compact seating, can be tucked against a wall, provide storage below the surface and can easily serve as a table too! Multifunctional pieces keep your outdoor space clutter-free.

Design vertically

To utilize every inch of your outdoor space, think vertical.

Use tall shelving units to display knick-knacks and decorative accessories. Curtains, wall art, and shelving units all draw the eye upwards, making the overall space seem larger.


Well placed lighting can ensure you can enjoy your space even during the evenings. Use string or pendant lighting or even torches to draw the eye upwards.

Go Green

Foliage and planters can instantly add life into your outdoor paradise. You can incorporate tall potted plants or get a vertical wall garden! Use fences or railings to grow vines. Plant herbs in smaller planters for a miniature garden.

By Sean Madray


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