Deck Protect

Deck Protect

DeckProtect™ is a patented product designed specifically for use under a fire pit. No other product has been tested by a leading manufacturer of composite decking and found to be completely effective.

Many homeowners worry about the heat underneath a fire pit which can be a real problem for decks, especially composite decks. DeckProtect™ resolves any concerns you may have about harming your valuable deck by using a fire pit. Trex, the leading manufacturer of composite decking, recommends our product as the only safe alternative to custom building the deck around the fire pit, separated by an insulation material.

Our exclusive thermal barrier made of volcanic rock fiber will block the intense heat generated under a fire pit and keep it from reaching your decking boards.

Each DeckProtect features a pad of tiles in two layers of volcanic rock fiber that acts as a thermal barrier. It is seated securely within the walls of a sturdy heavy gauge aluminum tray, that is 1/16” thick with sides 1/8″ thick with holes that allows rain water to drain. Heavy duty rubber feet keep the tray elevated above the deck. This feature allows ventilation and helps to ensure that your deck will not suffer from mildew and staining.

DeckProtect material is specially engineered to resist heat, will easily block the heat under a fire pit. No other product has this feature. It is built to last, completely weather proof, and will provide years of service in all kinds of weather.